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  1. Hay man your awesome for the time you put it to this article On the Jeep t case. I’m a Mercedes tech and I have ben trying to find the noise in a 2008 Grand Cherokee Limited and yes I found the bad front diff bushing replaced them. Still had the noise. And I’m not the kind of tech that just replaces parts but the Jeep sounded just like cv joints going out. But I refuse to replaced them because they felt good to me but crap it sounded just like a bad cv joint. But I just was not going to replace them because of my experience saying they do not feel bad. That’s where you come in. I’m glad I did some research But your the only one that fricken nailed it. Like I said that’s awesome you did that and shared it. Or I would still be jacked up trying to find that cv joint noise when Turing and very faint going Straight and she said it went away after it got some miles on it. You know after a beer run. So this is the deal if your Jeep grand Cherokee has a cv joint noise when Turing and Usually When cold and the dealer told you you needed a transmission or transfer case here you go check this man’s article out. Because it’s the front diff actuator. Ok cool thank you so much for putting it out there you know for someone like me Mercedes-Benz’s tech that was pulling out my hair. Your a good person thanks.

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